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World Nomads: Success Story

How this travel insurance company enables their customers to give back, while also providing ongoing content for the brand.

World Nomads have been funding projects through The Footprints Network using micro-donations since January 2005.

With "Give Back" as a core value of the business, integrating micro-donations was a great way to put this philosophy into practice.

“We love Footprints because it helps us connect our customers to local community projects in the places where they travel.” - Chris Noble, General Manager World Nomads

With the support of over one million travellers, World Nomads have helped raise almost AUD $3 million and funded over 175 community development projects around the world (August 2017).

The Tipping Point for Purchase

When customers purchase an insurance policy with World Nomads, they’re given the opportunity to make a micro-donation to one of three projects.

Donations range between $1 to $15 and, when selected, it is seamlessly included in the quote summary.

According to a customer survey, these micro donations were the number one tipping point for customers when deciding to purchase a policy.

World Nomads Customer Survey Results

Regular Email Updates

Once a project has been funded, all customers who contributed a micro-donation are sent the project report via email.

These personalised project reports contain an infographic of what the project achieved, as well as detailed information of the project's positive impacts.

“I think this is great. I really appreciate that World Nomads has taken the time to keep me informed of the results of my donation. I will definitely keep using World Nomads because of this initiative and that you have reported the results. I will always take out travel insurance with World Nomads because of the opportunity to contribute to causes like this. Thank you.” – Joanna

Campaigns and Video Content

World Nomads produced nine co-branded, long-form documentaries detailing the impact of these funded projects.

These documentaries have been screened on 20+ airlines as in-flight entertainment, and have also been featured on the National Geographic channel in over 40 countries.

World Nomads also use Footprints Projects as a core component of their marketing campaigns, as well as a source of high-quality digital content – including video, written stories, and photo essays.

In 2017, the winner of World Nomads' annual Travel Film Scholarship travelled with a mentor and film crew to the hills of Sapa, Vietnam to create a short documentary around one of the funded projects.

Social Media Content

The Footprints Projects are a great source of quality, engaging content on World Nomads' social media channels.

Followers receive regular updates via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram on the status of funding projects, infographics on the impact of completed projects, as well as exclusive photos and video documentaries.