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What customers say

While adding micro-donations to your eCommerce is the mechanism, and demonstrates your values to your potential customers, it's what else you can do after the transaction that is really powerful.

Naturally, customers expect an email to confirm their transaction, and many will file it away somewhere.

But we recommend you send a second email 24 hours after the transaction that specifically thanks them for their donations and to the difference they have made.

Once a projects is fully funded and completed, which usually takes some months at least, we also recommend another email to each customer that shows them the difference they have made. This is a fantastic way of reconnecting to your customers with a highly relevant and feel-good piece of communication.

World Nomads has allowed us to share some of the replies that they get:

"Just wanted to say that's it's so great that you've followed up on my contribution and let me know the project was completed. It's a really nice feeling to be told that you've made a difference!"

"Thank you for sharing this good news.  I hope, you will continue to make differences for other people in the world."

"I very much appreciated your email to thank me for my small contribution and I am very pleased to hear that the project could be

"Keep up the good work, and I will certainly donate again when I get the chance.  By the way, it is good idea to share the results."

"I will always take out travel insurance with World Nomads because of the opportunity to contribute to causes like this.  Thank you!"