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Travel Insurance Direct: Success Story

Is it possible for a brand to build trust with its customers through helping improve the lives of people around the world? You bet.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Direct (TID) is one of Australia’s leading online travel insurance companies and proud to be Australian owned and operated. Underwritten at Lloyds, our award-winning policies are designed to be helpful, easy and excellent value.

We are proud of the outstanding service we provide our customers, but we also know that’s our job! That’s why we keep this simple little promise with our customers that informs how we communicate, behave and deliver our product:

It’s our job to take care of the stress and deliver. It’s our job to take care of the stress of the unexpected when you travel and, it’s their [customers] job to stay focused on the fun of travel.

We believe

At TID we believe in giving back to the communities in which we operate, that’s why TID always gives customers the option to donate to projects both locally in Australia and internationally.

It’s why for many years the Fred Hollows Foundation had an exclusive partnership with TID to help people both at home and abroad to prevent avoidable blindness.

How we’ve helped

From eliminating trachoma in Ethiopia to improving eyesight for Indigenous Australians in remote communities, since 2007 TID has assisted in funding 92 projects helping improve the lives of thousands of people living in impoverished communities around the world.

On average TID raises over A$5,000 in micro-donations from over 1,800 travellers every month

The average micro-donation is about A$3.00, nearly 50% higher than the default. This not only demonstrates the generosity of TID customers but also reiterates the fact that customers do in fact want the option of making a donation when making a purchase.

What it means to us

Our partnership with Footprints is not only important to our travellers and the communities we help, it also means a great deal to the staff at TID.

“Footprints changes the lives of people in need, every day. Even the smallest donation makes a large impact in a community. This is important to TID as we want to not only help our Travellers but also help the communities we travel too."
~ Ash Zaman

Why Footprints?

Footprints has allowed TID to build rapport with our customers that goes beyond the mere transactional nature of selling travel insurance.

In a competitive market where the product being sold is viewed as a commodity, our association with Footprints has allowed us to both differentiate ourselves from our direct competitors and highlight our philanthropic nature.

How we did it

Simple. We added micro-donations to our eCommerce purchase path and gave people the option to opt in. It took about a day of technical and design effort.