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How World Nomads created a TV series from Footprints

The extraordinary story of how World Nomads created a video series on the projects they funded ... that ended up on National Geographic Channel TV.

So once you've started raising funds and doing some good, what might you do to use it to your advantage?

It all started with Nepal. We thought we could send a cameraman to make a short documentary,entary about a school we were funding.
~ Chris Noble, World Nomads

After we'd made this we weren't quite sure how to use it but negotiated distribution through various airlines as free in-flight entertainment.

Having this on Qantas was pretty cool so we decided to make another one so sent our cameraman off to Kenya.

While we were making this, a media buyer on the way to Cannes for the annual MIPCOM content entertainment market saw the Nepal documentary on the flight and called us from the airport asking if we had a series and could they sell it? Sure.

So we commissioned a whole series which was fully funded through distribution rights.

In Australia

in India


and Vietnam

We even sent our founder into the Amazon Jungles of Ecador

How good is that? Do some good, create a TV series, have it on airlines and international TV, build your business relationships and have all that cost zero.