/ When business & customer values align, everyone wins.

6 steps to add cause marketing to your Brand

We know micro-giving resonates with customers because over a million people have done so at checkout.

1. Define what you care about.

If you haven't already, get your team to look inward and define what your brand believes in. This purpose can add a whole new angle to your marketing activity.

2. Identify your customersā€™ values.

As a good marketer, you know that understanding your customer segments and their interests, motivations and passions, is key to the survival of your brand. Learn what, where and who they care about ā€“ so you can understand what they are willing to give to.

3. Find the values intersections.

Define the intersection between what you care about as a business and what your customers care about. This is how you will attract your tribe and inspire them to give.

4. Integrate your marketing.

Engage your customer base through impact-driven campaigns and maintaining regular communications about your cause-related projects and activities will reinforce your commitment as a brand to purpose beyond profit.

5. Share the story.

Your tipping point helps to not only support the sale, but also encourages customers to share their purchase - your products and their impact - with others. This then attracts new business, thus completing the cycle.

6. Add purpose to your business DNA.

Adding micro-donations to your brand really adds to the culture of purpose inside your business. Regular project updates engage and attract staff.