/ Frequently Asked Questions

How much money will I raise?

Even starting small, if you do this for a number of years, the amount raised can be significant.

How much money you and your customers raise depends on a variety of factors:

  • the type of customers you have
  • your volume of transactions
  • how well you offer them micro-donations
  • how long you keep micro-donations
  • how well your business grows
  • how you choose to promote this to potential customers

Some eCommerce businesses in the network have customers where 12% add a micro-donation and others have 85%.

Generally the closer we can align a project to the values of your customers (and your company),the higher the engagement rate.


If your business had 1,000 online transactions every month, and 30% of customers made a $2 micro-donation, you'd raise $8,000 per year.

Or $80,000 in a decade.

That might not sound like a great deal, but one of the challenges facing charities and NGO's is fundraising for sustainable projects and one of the benefits we have discovered with micro-donations and eCommerce is the ability to fund things on a regular basis such as teacher salaries for example.