/ Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the money is well-spent?

Good question. It is. We believe transparency & accountability are the best way to guarantee this.

We raise funds on behalf of other charity & aid organisations. We do not run any projects directly ourselves; rather, we facilitate the donation process between e-commerce merchants and the charities.

100% of your donation to charity
Not only do we do this for free, we also guarantee that 100% of funds raised go to our charity partners and our own administration costs are covered by The World Nomads Group of companies as part of their contribution.

Annual audit
Footprints runs on the Australian financial year, ending on 30 June. Our accounts are kindly audited yearly by Price Waterhouse Coopers as a pro-bono service. We are incredibly grateful for this contribution to keep Footprints running smoothly and transparently.

You can download our recent audited accounts here:
FY17 Footprints financial and audit report - PDF

FY16 Financial and auditors report - PDF

FY15 Financial and auditors report - PDF

Validating our project partners
When selecting new project partnerships, Footprints undertakes a level of due diligence and the management committee reviews all new relationships.

The larger project partners are accredited with AusAid (the Australian Federal Government organisation that manages distribution of Aid) or USAid, and must meet stringent accountability guidelines. Each of these project partners is responsible to its members and donors through its board, and typically publish their Annual Reports.

The small grassroots organisations and individuals we fund are required to return a budget acquittal and receipts with their project reports.