/ Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a tax receipt for my donation?

Your micro-donations are not tax deductible.

This is because our organisation does not have DGR status, the tax deductible status required in Australia.

As donors to our projects come from across the globe (150+ countries), we feel that pursuing tax deductiblity in Australia would only benefit a small percentage of donors. Additionally, as we specialise in micro-donations, such as A$2, €2, US$2, most donors do not seek tax deductible receipts for such small contributions.

We encourage people who wish to make significant donations to charitable projects and who seek tax deductibility for doing so, to contact our project partners directly.

Our eCommerce business partners should amend any receipts they issue as part of a purchase transaction to include the micro-donation so you have a record and it matches your credit card statement.