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About Us

The Footprints Network, founded in 2006, is an alliance of online e-commerce companies and their customers who use micro-donations to fund sustainable community development programs around the world.

We fund projects that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, an effort to help end poverty, protect the planet and shift the world onto a sustainable and resilient path by 2030.

Transparent & Accountable

Our technology & automation allows us to be unusually transparent and we can connect each and every customer micro-donation to the project for which it was given.

100% distribution

100% of funds raised are distributed to projects run by charities, NGOs and grassroots organisations. All administrative costs for running the Footprints Network are covered by World Nomads Group including technology and salaries.

Not-for-profit status

Footprints Fundraising Inc. (NSW) #9884228 is a registered not-for-profit Association Incorporated in NSW, Australia.

Annual audits

The Footprints Network operates on the Australian financial year.  Our accounts are kindly audited yearly by PWC as a pro-bono service.

Our History

The idea for The Footprints Network emerged following the devastating Asian Tsunami of 2004. As an e-commerce business, World Nomads wanted to do something to make a difference in the places that their travelers went. More than anything else they did, they also discovered it was a great way to connect to the values of those customers.

As a purpose-driven businesses, they decided to share the technology, help other online brands do the same thing, and raise more money to help more people.

The Committee

  • Simon Monk, Chairman & Founder
  • Aine Leonard, Treasurer & CFO
  • Alicia Crosariol, Secretary
  • Christy McCarthy, co-founder
  • Chris Noble, co-founder
  • Matt Bourne, member
  • Lisa Fryar, member