/ Getting Started

5 steps to getting started

A step by step guide from deciding to do this to launch and beyond.

Step 1 - A few decisions

☐ What are you and your customers going to fund? Which projects or themes. ☐ Decide on opt-in, opt-out or round-up donation type
☐ Decide on the integration point in your purchase path
☐ Calculate the anticipated donation volume, based on your transaction volume
and conversion estimates.
☐ Is your technology platform development in-house or outsourced?
☐ Confirm financial reconciliation systems for payment of monthly micro-
donations statements.

Step 2 - Setting up

☐ Review and sign the Footprints Partner Agreement
☐ Create your account in the Footprints Test environment
☐ Footprints will provide your accounts team with a sample transaction report so they can prepare.
☐ Agree a test and launch timeline.

Step 3 - Integration & Testing

☐ Footprints will provide logins and passwords for the Test API to your technical team.
☐ Confirm test donations so we're sure that both your site and Footprints are correctly logging all donations before any real money changes hands.

Step 4 - Launch

☐ Once testing is complete, Footprints will issue logins and passwords for the live API.
☐ Developers configure integration for live transactions.
☐ Agree a launch date so we can both coordinate live testing
☐ Launch (and test) to confirm real donations.
☐ Celebrate! Thanks for joining the Footprints Network and making a difference in the world.

Step 5 - Post-launch

☐ For the first few weeks, monitor the donations data to ensure - are the donations being recorded accurately.
☐ Tell your customers about your new philanthropic partnership on your website, in newsletters and press releases.

Step 6 - Monthly

☐ Each month, Footprints will provide your business with a Statement of Donations and a spreadsheet of all recorded donations for the month prior. As you are collecting funds on behalf of a registered charity, your Statement will need to be paid within 14 days.
☐ Once your charities projects are fully funded, they automatically disappear from the service. Footprints constantly monitor projects to ensure that new ones are available in good time.